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Wholesale Purchasing of Lanicare™ Products
For Merchants, Retailers and Distributors
Interested in becoming a Lanicare™ distributor? To qualified corporate entities, we offer bulk purchasing at wholesale prices. In general, distribution arrangements are on a non-exclusive basis and, depending on type of outlet, may require initial minimum purchase volumes to qualify. Net 30 day credit terms are available (with 3 credit references).
Many Lanicare™ skin products are particularly well suited for consumer retail (both online and brick/mortar). Depending on positioning, Lanicare™ products offer premium customer perception, high SKU turn rates, and consistent repeat buying/satisfaction. Across a broad spectrum of consumer retail, Lanicare™ delivers just the right combination of quality, value, and financial success.
In certain circumstances, we offer co-branding and or private labeling of Lanicare™ products (generally with a structured supply agreement). Of course, all such cases are reviewed individually in light of our overall strategy to grow/sustain a global Lanicare™ brand.
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Lanicare™ is marketed via the internet, creating substantial brand recognition. However, unlike some manufacturers, we adhere to a strict policy of protecting retailers who carry our products. In simple terms, we exercise great care to preclude any conflicts with our corporate site (never undercutting our retail partners).
Insofar as your retail margins are concerned, we impose no unwanted restrictions or regulations. Within reason, you are free to set prices as you wish (allowing consumers and the market to decide whether prices are fair). All we ask is that you not engage in any unfair or unreasonable practice (relative to competitors who also carry Lanicare™.
For more information about becoming a Lanicare™ distributor, please direct inquiries to our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Elizabeth Sutton. You may reached Mrs. Sutton at (910)428-1600 or her business e-mail address. We appreciate your interest, and look very forward to working with you.