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Lanicare™ Testimonials
Feedback from Customers
We often receive testimonials from people wishing to share notable Lanicare™ experiences. For us, the feedback is one of the very best things about our work. Truly, each testimonial represents a precious opportunity for us to personalize how we help people (which, for us, is what its all about!).
Lanicare™ often fills a crucial need in someone's life (soothing, or eliminating, discomfort associated with difficult skin conditions). So, many testimonials are deeply personal (and inappropriate to use as marketing or sales tools). Rather, we scrupulously share just a few experiences designed to help those facing similar issues.
In fact, we present testimonials purely as a vivid and powerful way for you to learn about Lanicare™. From cancer patients, to those with simple dryness, there's just no substitute for hearing how Lanicare™ has helped someone. So, please check here often to learn more about how Lanicare™ may help you or someone you know.
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Red Cross Symbolizing the Use of Medical (USP) Lanolin in Lanicare (TM) Skin Products
The following anecdotes have been related to us over the past few months. In this particular edition, we focus on how Lanicare™ products are being received as they expand into general consumer retail throughout the US.
From an upscale coffee shop in the NC mountains. The owner, after successfully selling Solid Blend™ lip/skin balm for some time, called to expedite re-order. A local man, spontaneously purchased all her remaining stock. As it turned out, the man's wife is taking chemotherapy and, finding other lip products ineffective, uses Lanicare™ to soothe/heal her chronic dry lips. So, he purchased all he could to make sure his wife wouldn't run out. We send them our VERY best wishes for success in ongoing treatment.
From a Rhode Island oral surgery clinic. One of the clinic's dental assistants called to place a special order for a bulk quantity of Hypo-Lan™ lanolin after discovering its potent ability to soothe and protect hands against irritation produced by latex gloves. She, and her colleagues now use this material as a part of their daily routine and wanted to be sure to have plenty of Hypo-Lan™ on hand (no pun intended!).
From an IT director in Atlanta, GA. On vacation in Cancun Mexico the hot dry climate caused her husband's lips to become severely chapped. As a Lanicare™ devotee, she was traveling with Hypo-Lan™ lanolin and gave it to her husband. The Hypo-Lan™ offered immediate relief. However, she called annoyed at having to re-order since her husband (somewhat selfishly) kept her Hypo-Lan™ leaving none for her!
Of course, Lanicare™ isn't here to cause marital strife or create squabbles over our products around the office! So, please, order as much as you like (and or give us a call for bulk pricing as needed )! Certainly, we'll also be glad to expedite orders as necessary to avoid personal conflict!!
Would you like to give a testimonial or otherwise offer feedback on Lanicare™ products? Please, we'd love to hear from you! Just send us a comment e-mail or give us a call! Perhaps you're experience can help us help others.