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Solid Blend™
Medical Lanolin Lip Balm/Skin Balm
Solid Blend™ offers potent medical grade lanolin in a 100% natural lip balm which is also ideally suited for intense local skin moisturization. This ultra premium lip balm is perfectly suited for lips but may also be used to sooth, protect, and heal skin anywhere on the body. Conveniently packaged in a 0.15 Oz screw-type lip balm tube, apply like any other lip balm for Lanicare™ on the go! See full options to buy this lip balm/skin balm below!!
Tube of Lanicare™ Lanolin Based Lip and Skin Balm
Beautiful Woman Applying Medical (USP) Lanolin Lip/Skin Balm to Her Lips
Woman's Moist Lips After Applying a Lanolin Skin Moisturizer
Man Applying a Lanolin Based Lip/Skin  Balm on Ski Slope
Solid Blend™
Drop of Red Fluid With Medical Cross Inside Symbolizing Medical (USP) Lanolin for Skin Care
Dark Drop of Fluid Symbolizing the Addition of Pure Wax to Medical (USP) Grade Lanolin to Make a Lip/Skin Balm Texture
Medical Red Cross Symbolizing Medical (USP) Lanolin for Use in Skin Care
USP Lanolin
Lip/Skin Balm
Ultra Pure Lanolin
Lip Balm/Skin Balm
Solid Blend™ lip balm/skin balm spreads easily with a luscious texture to sink into skin and leave a very natural feel. Resultant lanolin infusion leaves skin soft and rejuvenated (with a delicate balance of moisture and natural lipids). For even the most chapped lips and driest local patches of skin, its likely the most potent lip balm and skin balm available.
Although sometimes mistaken for "just another lip balm," users quickly realize this product is potent and unique. From chemotherapy patients (who buy it as a powerful lip balm to soothe their chronically dry lips), to breast feeding moms (who use it for on the go treatment of sore/cracked nipples), a huge cross section of consumers are devoted users. Even hunters are fans since, as a lip balm, Solid Blend™ is totally odorless and stealthy.
Bull Elk in the Wild Next to Pond
Woman Breast Feeding Baby After Using Medical (USP) Lanolin  Lip/Skin Balm to Soothe Sore Nipples
Child with no Hair Due to Chemotherapy Treatments
Solid Blend™ lip balm/skin balm is formulated using only the very finest 100% natural ingredients. The composition consists ONLY of ultra purified medical (USP) grade of lanolin combined with medical (USP) carnauba wax (derived from the leaves of tropical palms). No fragrances or preservatives are incorporated within this lip balm/skin balm.
Single Lanicare™ Solid Blend™ Tube (Lanolin Based Lip and Skin Balm)
Three Tubes of Lanicare™ Solid Blend™ Lanolin Based Lip and Skin Balm
24 Lanicare™ Solid Blend™ Tubes of Lanolin Based Lip and Skin Balm
1 Solid Blend™ 0.15 Oz Lip Balm/ Skin Balm Tube
3 Solid Blend™ 0.15 Oz Lip Balm/ Skin Balm Tubes
24 Solid Blend™ 0.15 Oz Lip Balm/ Skin Balm Tubes
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