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Lanicare™ Research and Development
Our Pipeline of New Medical Lanolin Products
At Lanicare™, development isn't just a routine part of our business, it's an entire way of life! Innovation is truly our lifeblood, and we are committed to sustained research at the very forefront of skin care.
Cartoon Scientist (Lanolin Skin Care Action Figure!)
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Drawing of a Light Bulb With the Word "Idea" Inside
Woman Buying Lanolin Skin Care Products in a Drug Store
When people think of R&D, they often imagine white coated scientists working in a lab. Its true, lab work, and experimentation, are big parts of our development process. However, there's much more to the development of new Lanicare™ products than just making stuff in the lab. Its a whole process that starts and ends with customers.
At the start, any Lanicare product originates with identification of unfulfilled customer need (establishing a concept which, if achieved, promises to fill an important market void). Often, finalization of this "product concept" may require considerable consumer research and study.
After the establishment of a solid concept, its off to the lab where our scientists may work for years making the idea a reality. Using state of the art facilities (and materials obtained all over the world), they'll experiment relentlessly until customer requirements are achieved.
It might seem that's where development ends but, as it turns out, there's quite a bit left to do. Any new product must be extensively tested to assure stability (against things like hot/cold environments and unwanted microbial growth). Manufacturing processes, and product packaging, must be extensively validated. Finally, the product must be rigorously evaluated by customers. Its all pretty complex and expensive, but also one of our core strengths!
Woman Chemist Using a Mortar and Pestle to Formulate a New Lanolin Based Skin Care Product
Laboratory Gas Chromatrograph Being Used to Measure the Purity of Lanolin Skin Care Ingredients
Liquified Lanolin in Skin Flasks in Care Laboratory
Laboratory Plate Used to Measure the Stability of Skin Care Products Against Microbiological Growth
Microscopist in Lanolin Skin Laboratory Looking Up From Her Work Smiling
Woman Holding New Type of Lanolin Soap (for Intense Moisturization of  Skin) in Her Hands
Woman Combing Beautifully Conditioned Dark Hair
Woman Rubbing Painful Knee
So what new and exciting things are we working on? Simply put, lots of things which promise to make life better for many people. Details are pretty secret (shhhhhhh!), but we'll give a little sneak peak!
We're really excited about an entirely new type of soap developed to deliver concentrated medical lanolin during washing (with versions for the body, hands, and hair). We're also working on Lanicare hair conditioners as well as an exciting new product our scientists hope will one day offer improved relief from joint/muscle pain.
Please give us a call if you have further interest in Lanicare™ products under development. We are always looking for individuals and companies willing to help try out new things. Also love to hear requests for new products (or improvements to existing ones). So, please, we'd love to hear from you!