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Intensive Blend™
Spreadable Lanolin Concentrate
Intensive Blend™ spreadable lanolin concentrate offers ultra purified medical grade (USP) lanolin in a potent formulation which is both luscious and easy to use. While delivering a powerful medical lanolin infusion, this formula spreads/absorbs much easier than pure lanolin (for quick and easy intense skin treatment) .
Although made from mostly ultra pure USP lanolin, Intensive Blend™ is enhanced with ultra pure oil to provide a soft butter-like consistency. On skin, the material melts and spreads with ease to leave a non-greasy lanolin texture.
Intensive Blend™
Red Drop of Fluid With Medical Cross Inside Symbolizing Medical (USP) Grade Lanolin for Skin Care
Yellow Drop of Liquid Symbolizing the Addition of Ultra Pure Oil to Medical (USP) Grade Lanolin to Modify Texture for Skin Care Applications
Medical Red Cross Symbolizing Medical (USP) Grade Lanolin for Skin Care
USP Lanolin
Ultra Pure Lanolin
Skin Care Salve
Only small amounts of Intensive Blend™ are required for typical use. So, Intensive Blend™ is packaged in convenient (but long lasting) 2 Oz medical squeeze tubes (for easy application anywhere on the body). For best results, a small amount of Intensive Blend™ is applied to affected skin and spread until oil texture dissipates (leaving a thin lanolin infusion). Over a few hours, the lanolin absorbs into the skin to intensively sooth, protect, and heal the treated area.
Drop of Ultra Pure Skin Care Oil Being Measured Into a Medical (USP) Grade Lanolin to Make a Skin Moisturizer
Swirls of Medical (USP) Grade Lanolin Which is Used to Make Intensive Blend (TM) Skin Care/Moisturization Salve
Tube of Lanicare (TM) Intensive Blend (TM) Medical (USP) Lanolin Salve for Potent Skin Care and Moisturization
Woman Applying Lanicare™ Intensive Blend™ Lanolin Skin Formulation to Spot on Her Arm
Lanicare™ Intensive Blend™ Lanolin Skin Care Formula Being Rubbed Onto a Woman's Elegant Hands
Woman Putting on a Medical Latex Glove
Woman Applying Lanicare™ Intensive Blend™ Lanolin Skin Forulation to Spot of Dry Skin on Her Leg
Irritated Patch of  Dry Skin on Elbow Being Rubbed With Lanicare™ Intensive Blend™ Lanolin Skin Formulation
Man Running Who May Need Intensive Blend (TM) USP Lanolin Skin Salve For Male Dry Skin
Intensive Blend™ is among the most potent skin treatments/moisturizers available without a prescription. The material is highly recommended for use on especially dry, cracked, or irritated local areas of skin (where immediate relief is desired).
Typical applications of Intensive Blend™ include treatment of areas which may require particularly aggressive medical lanolin infusion. Commonly, this formulation is used to treat eczema/psoriasis, light burns, cracked/dry feet, dry hands (esp. due to contact with solvents or gloves), scars, dry skin on the penis and foreskin (learn more), and other sensitive areas.
Wherever you may suffer from severely dry, irritated, or cracked skin anywhere on the body, you'll find Intensive Blend™ just as potent as pure medical grade lanolin (for immediate relief) while being more spreadable and easy to use.
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1 Intensive Blend™
2 Oz Tube
Tube of Lanicare Intensive Blend