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Ultra Pure USP Lanolin
Hypo-Lan™ is a medical (USP) lanolin which, beyond initial processing, has been ultra purified to yield an entirely odorless and hypo-allergenic product. Hypo-Lan™ is 100% natural and ideal for traditional skin care uses of lanolin (including baby safe treatment of sore/cracked nipples during breastfeeding, nursing, and lactation).
Flask  of Liquid Lanolin in a Skin Care Laboratory Being Prepared for Applications Surrounding Uses By Breastfeeding/Lactating Moms and Those With Intensely Dry Skin
Woman Applying Daub of Lanolin to Finger Prior to Use on Her Skin and Sore Lactating Nipples During Breastfeeding
Pure Melted Lanolin Being Washed in Washed in Water to Provide a Purity Appropriate for Use on Skin and By Breastfeeding/Lactating Mothers (While Being Baby Safe)
Swirl of Ultra Pure Skin Care Lanolin Suitable for Use in Treating Dry Skin and Sore Cracked Nipples During Breastfeeding/Lactation
Tube of Hypo-Lan™ Ultra Pure Lanolin (for Skin Care and Lactation/Breastfeeding) Standing on End
Red Drop of Fluid With Medical Cross Inside Symbolizing Medical (USP) Lanolin for Skin Care
Red Medical Cross Symbolizing Medical (USP) Grade Lanolin for Skin Care
Ultra Pure
USP Lanolin
Ultra Purified
Medical Lanolin
for Breastfeeding
and Skin Care
Hypo-Lan™ is golden with a soft waxy texture generally characteristic of lanolin. On application, it slowly infuses into skin (and breast feeding/lactating nipples) for the most intensive and effective softening/moisturization/protection available.
In this pure and fully concentrated form, Hypo-Lan™ is so potent that only very small quantities are required for typical treatment (especially of breastfeeding/lactating nipples). For this reason, Hypo-Lan™ is packaged in small, but very long lasting, 2 Oz medical squeeze tubes (with large orifice for easy application during breastfeeding, etc.).
For best results,a small daub of Hypo-Lan™ kneaded (to warm/soften) and spread on affected nipples/skin. The lanolin will dissipate over a few hours (leaving skin intensely softened, rejuvenated, and moisturized).
Hypo-Lan™ is particularly effective during breastfeeding and lactation to soothe, protect, and heal cracked/sore nipples. Ultra purity is safe for both mom and baby (with no need to remove before breastfeeding). Its also great for other intensely dry patches of skin (feet, hands, cuticles, lips, etc.) as well as to improve scars/stretch marks.
Woman Massaging Cuticle Skin With Ultra Pure Lanolin (Similar to Use During Breastfeeding/Lactation)
Mom Breastfeeding Baby After Using Hypo-Lan (TM) Ultra Pure Medical (USP) Lanolin to Soothe Her Nipples During Lactation/Breastfeeding
Woman Rubbing Ultra Pure Medical (USP) Lanolin on Foot (Similar to Use on Nipples During Breastfeeding/Lactation)
Beautiful Pregant Woman With Husband Rubbing Ultra Purified USP Lanolin on Stretched Skin (Anticipating Lanolin Usage During Breastfeeding/Lactation)
Whether you are a breastfeeding/nursing/lactating mom, or simply use pure lanolin for intensive treatment of skin anywhere on the body, you'll find Hypo-Lan™ a superior option. Hypo-Lan is also available in bulk quantities (with volume pricing) for formulators, specialty soap makers, etc. (please call 910.428.1600 for pricing and availability).
PRICE GUARANTEE: Breastfeeding/lactating moms have enough expenses and worries without paying exorbitant retail margins for lanolin! So, we GUARANTEE our price to be 20% lower than ANY comparable lanolin (at time of sale on a per Oz basis as packaged in a squeeze tube). Otherwise, please call (910)428-1600 within two weeks and we'll immediately adjust your price!
Tube of Lanicare™ Hypo-Lan™ Ultra Purified Lanolin (Suitable for Use on Dry Skin and Lactating/Nursing/Breastfeeding Nipples)
1 Hypo-Lan™  1.41 Oz Tube
PLEASE NOTE our PRICE GUARANTEE (designed specially for breastfeeding moms) at right!
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